What is DigiQuill?
DigiQuill is the underlying technology that powers all of our websites. It includes a dedicated database driven desktop publishing program with a robust scripting language that allows us, and our users to create "Smart Templates". These templates are then used on the Internet to create the final EPS or high resolution TIFF images that are used by printing companies to produce items like Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Rubber Stamps and Labels.

Our system allows the person doing the ordering to view their finished product in real time in the web browser, as they are entering their text. Because of this, the proofing cycle is completely eliminated. When the order is placed, the text is already approved, and the orders may immediately be sent to the press. DigiQuill is unique in the printing industry, and it produces thousands of orders per day for dealers, and their satisfied customers.

Call at 541 770-9500 or e-mail us at Support@Digiquill.com and we will explain just how our system works.