Services for Print Brokers

As a print broker you are always in a tight spot, between your client and your vendor printing company. Let us help you make your life a little easier by bridging that gap. No more blurry faxes to deal with. No more running between your customer and your vendor in the seemingly endless proofing cycle.

Using our unique web based solution you can easily set up corporate sites for your clients use. Moments after an order is placed, high resolution TIFF and EPS images will be forwarded to your print vendor.

We can provide you with DigiQuill, the best Web based order entry system available today, and you will have absolutely no development costs. We have done it all for you.

Best of all, this service can be virtually free to you. We charge only a small fee to process the order. Frequently this fee is lower than what you are currently paying your print vendor for typesetting.

Account Protection — We offer you complete account protection and we will never sell or give away any information about you or your accounts to list brokers or other types of Internet information service providers.

Call at 541 770-9500 or e-mail us at and we will explain just how our program works.